Welcome to the Sport Law & Strategy Group’s (SLSG) “Advancing your Game Training Series” .

Based on the requests from clients looking for practical, affordable and accessible sport management advice on topics of interest, we offer our Advancing your Game Training Series. Each webinar is hosted by one or more members of the SLSG on a topic of importance to the Canadian sport community.

Please review our training recordings below to download what is of interest to you. As you review the topics, we encourage you to think about other sport leaders, volunteers or Board Members who may also benefit from the SLSG’s Advancing your Game Training Series. If you are interested in placing a bulk order, a discounted rate is available by contacting hello@sportlaw.ca.

Ontario Legislative Updates: What Sport Organizations Should Know

Since January 1st, 2018 several laws and legislation in Ontario have been or will be amended and Ontario-based sport organizations are directly impacted by the changes. In this webinar, lawyer […]

Managing Partnerships: Making Sponsorship a Priority

Sport organizations can struggle not only with acquiring new sponsors– but also with maintaining and prioritizing existing partnerships. After the high fives have been exchanged and commitments have been made, […]

Employees, Contractors, and Volunteers – From Hiring to Firing

This hour-long webinar will interest any employer or employee in sport. The content of the webinar will help organizations and individuals understand the legal issues relating to hiring practices, screening, agreements, […]

Financial Literacy for Staff, Volunteers, and Board Members

This hour-long webinar sought to demystify the accounting process and provide some clarity around understanding financial statements. Kathy Hare discussed some of the basic terminology and processes used in financial […]

Managing Risks: Your New Year’s Resolution

To assist provincial sport organizations (PSOs) in applying industry leading risk management principles, Dina Bell-Laroche, the lead facilitator for the national Risk Management Project, was joined by LeeAnn Cupidio and Jason Robinson to share […]

Emergency Preparedness Planning

The hour-long webinar discussed how investing in event safety through a plan is the key to preparing for and mitigating event emergencies. Jason Robinson, an Associate with the Sport Law […]

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