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Sport Law.

We know sport.

At Sport Law, we are a diverse team of experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and we are all connected by our love of sport. This shared passion brings us together to offer holistic care and unprecedented clarity to leaders seeking to grow and advance their sport.
We support sport leaders in achieving clarity and purpose to

elevate sport.

Dina Bell-Laroche

Integral Master Coach specializing in complex change initiatives, grief and loss support, crisis and trauma management, and leadership coaching.

Steve Indig

Sport lawyer specializing in complex legal matters, governance, policy development, and public speaking.

LJ Bartle

Quality assurance expert specializing in strategic planning, facilitation, and safe sport implementation.

Lauren Brett

Integral Coach specializing in leadership coaching, cultural transformation, and interventions that support sport coaches.

Kathy Hare

Financial expert specializing in financial management, human resources, audits, and organizational development.

Cheryl Humphrey

Specializes in strategic and operational planning and implementation, governance, stakeholder engagement, and managing change.

Donald Jackson

Sport lawyer specializing in legal governance, policy development, litigation, and public speaking.

Melissa Knox

Sport lawyer specializing in dispute resolution, employment and human rights law, and EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion).

Michelle Kropp

Sport lawyer specializing in litigation, appeals, contracts, insurance, governance, and policy development.

Kevin Lawrie

Writer specializing in policy development, by-laws, and social media.

Taylor Matthews

Sport administrator specializing in virtual workshop hosting, strategic communications, and change management.

Sydney Millar

Systems change and knowledge mobilization professional, passionate about equity and inclusion, and evidence-based decision-making.

Kristin Noonan

Specializes in safe sport implementation, positive sport environments, coaching, facilitation, and education.

Stephanie Potter

Integral Master Coach specializing in workplace well-being, leadership coaching, and systems thinking.

Jason Robinson

Certified parliamentarian specializing in risk management, meeting procedures, and strategic engagement.

Will Russell

Sport lawyer specializing in employment, governance, and ADR (alternative dispute resolution).

Robin Witty

Business Operations expert specializing in operational effectiveness, fraud prevention, human resources and risk management.
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