Welcome to the Sport Law & Strategy Group’s (SLSG) “Advancing your Game Training Series” .

Based on the requests from clients looking for practical, affordable and accessible sport management advice on topics of interest, we offer our Advancing your Game Training Series. Each webinar is hosted by one or more members of the SLSG on a topic of importance to the Canadian sport community.

Please review our training recordings below to download what is of interest to you. As you review the topics, we encourage you to think about other sport leaders, volunteers or Board Members who may also benefit from the SLSG’s Advancing your Game Training Series. If you are interested in placing a bulk order, a discounted rate is available by contacting hello@sportlaw.ca.

A Way Forward Webinar Series: Management by Values

Are you interested in learning how to manage by values? Are you curious about how to measure culture? Are you wondering how to walk the talk with respect to bringing […]

A Way Forward Webinar Series: Challenging Your Assumptions

A Way to Build Trust and Create Healthy Relationships We all have assumptions of the people with whom we are in relationship.  Many times, we assume things about others without […]

A Way Forward Webinar Series: Social Media Policies

How to Effectively Develop and Apply Social Media Policies Social media use is abundant today, especially as COVID restrictions have moved much of our personal and professional lives online. Many […]

Ontario Not-For-Profit Act Webinar – hosted by Steven Indig

After becoming an official act of the Ontario legislature in 2010, the ONCA will finally received Royal Proclamation by the Lieutenant Governor on October 19, 2021.  All not-for-profit Ontario sport organizations will need […]

Death Of A Dream

With athletes and coaches being forced to rethink, and possibly re-imagine their entire game plan in preparation for the Paralympic and Olympic Games, some might be experiencing anxiety, anger, and […]

What to Watch in 2020

Sport leaders know that an important part of leading in today’s complex environment is to think proactively and have a pulse on the ever evolving sport landscape. It is critical […]

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