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vol 11(1) - March 2015

This edition of our newsletter features news about our new webinar series, coaching-by-values, and hosting successful events. We have also written about the SLSG's new Associate Jason Robinson, the proven value of a social media policy, the NFP Act, and the trends we're watching in sport in 2015.

Our quarterly newsletter has brought you important content in the following areas: legal updates, new legislation and case law, governance tips, risk management and values management practices, social media, communications strategies, as well as all kinds of other planning and strategic advice. We published our last newsletter in July 2014.

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What We're Watching

In this annual blogpost, we look back on our successes from 2014 and look ahead to our plans and predictions for 2015. Each member of the SLSG team recaps their year and reveals what's ahead for the coming year in terms of emerging trends and developments in sport. Among the highlights we expect: the implementation of the ONCA, a focus on coaching-by-values, developments with the BC Societies Act, and Rachel will be writing a unique and interesting book!

New SLSG Service

Next month we will be sending a single direct email to our newsletter subscribers announcing a new SLSG service. This service is in addition to the webinar series we are currently launching. We are excited that this service will help organizations - from the club level to the national level - and we hope it will cure sport administrators' headaches across the country. Stay tuned!

Hosting Successful Events

For organizations looking to host a championship event - whether international, national, provincial, or local - this blogpost written by the SLSG's newest Associate Jason Robinson provided a number of tips. Jason's experience with preparing a bid, evaluating bids, marketing the event, and determining hosting logistics uniquely positions him to help sport organizations host a championship event. Jason's skills are further outlined in his introductory blogpost and in his biography.

Coaching by Values

Dina wrote a provocative blogpost linking values to coaching. Connected to her recent certification as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, Dina explained how coaches can share and discover the values of teams and athletes. A step-by-step exercise for coaches is also provided.

NFP Act - Transition Completed ?

Back in our last newsletter in July 2014, we noted that there were still 26 NSOs that had not yet completed transition to compliance with the NFP Act. As of March 2015, this number is now only one NSO!  We wrote about how the SLSG helped 75 federally-incorporated sport organizations with their transition process. Organizations are now handling their post-transition tasks and responsibilities (which we wrote about back in April 2014) and we are hosting a webinar primer on March 31st at 3pm EST to review organizations' responsibilities - we encourage you to register!

Coaching isn't just for Athletes

Dina recently became certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation. Adding this designation to her Integral Master Coach (TM) accreditation, Dina is uniquely positioned to add personal coaching to the wide ranges of services that the SLSG can provide. In this blogpost, Dina explained how integral coaching can improve an individual's personal and professional growth and testimonials from individuals she has been working with are provided.

Proven Value of a Social Media Policy

Kevin reviewed the websites of all 59 NSOs and found that only 6 had a version of a social media policy. In this blogpost, Kevin reviewed and stressed the value of a social media policy while connecting recent developments in sport that have shown why such a policy is necessary.

Welcome Jason Robinson

In January we welcomed Jason Robinson to the SLSG. Jason's background in sport event management, marketing, and bidding for an hosting events adds to the value that we can provide our clients. Jason's areas of expertise are listed in the Events and Marketing services section of our website.

SLSG Webinar: NFP Act post-transition compliance tasks

The SLSG is launching a webinar series! Using GoToWebinar, we intend to host inexpensive webinars on a variety of topics and emerging trends in sport. The first webinar will be held on March 31st at 3:00pm EST. This webinar, hosted by Steve and Rachel, will focus on organizations' responsibilities following their transition to compliance the NFP Act. Only $40!  You can sign up on our website.

Rachel's Tales from the Ivory Tower

Rachel has been taking a short leave from the SLSG to work as a full-time Lecturer at Brock University's Sport Management program. Although Rachel has taught courses at Brock before, this was her first time away from the SLSG fully immersed in teaching at the University. She wrote about some of the challenges and lessons she faced while bringing her real-world experience into the classroom in this blogpost.


Our newsletter is distributed three or four times a year.

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