We Are Expanding Our Team!

Published January 15, 2015

The Sport Law & Strategy Group is thrilled to announce that sport professional Jason Robinson has joined our team as our latest associate. Jason joins an impressive cast of leaders who serve to support the sport community and the many organizational challenges that leaders face in an ever-changing sport environment.

A sport management graduate from the University of Windsor, Jason has built a diversified portfolio over the past 18 years. His experience includes working with national, provincial and municipal sport organizations as well as for an event management company. For the past nine years he has served as the executive director of the Toronto Ultimate Club, achieving milestone partnerships and global acclaim for the organization. Jason is a passionate sport leader who values integrity, respect and excellence both in the workplace and on the field of play. As an athlete, he played on the Australian Rules Football Canadian National team that competed in the International Cup Championships in 2002 and 2005.

“Since 2003 I have known, referred, and collaborated with the Sport Law & Strategy Group, developing a strong admiration for their dedication to sport,” said Jason. “Being a part of this incredible group of professionals provides me with the opportunity to share my skills and experience with sport leaders to help them achieve success. In addition to complementing my colleagues in the areas of strategic communications, planning and organizational effectiveness, I bring knowledge in the important areas of event management, marketing and branding. I plan to assist organizations in developing their strategies in these areas, thereby expanding their potential as well as enhancing the depth of services currently offered by the Sport Law & Strategy Group.”

Says Sport Law & Strategy Group co-founder Rachel Corbett “I am really excited to have Jason join the rest of our team as our company is growing and diversifying in response to what our clients are asking from us. Jason brings both complementary and new skills to the expanding range of services we offer our clients. We believe that an investment in new associates like Jason is an investment in our future.”

To learn more about Jason you can read his profile and his first blog, and you can follow him on Twitter @sportarchitect.

The Sport Law & Strategy Group has been providing strategic insight to the Canadian sport community since 1992. We offer a full range of consulting and legal services to Canadian sport. We are now seven professionals working in three cities, and we are accessible, affordable and expert, bringing experience and common sense to every project. Our vision is to help you achieve yours.


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