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Published January 15, 2015

I am excited and very honoured to join the Sport Law & Strategy Group.  My first introduction to the organization came in 2003 when I met Rachel Corbett and she assisted the PSO that I was working for at the time. Rachel instantly inspired me; the manner in which she both controlled the room yet empowered the people within it. Not long after, I met Steve Indig. His passion for sport and ability to connect with his clients so easily was very impressive.

Since those early years I have reconnected and worked with Rachel and Steve on a number of occasions, which has only compounded my envy for what they do and how they help sport organizations grow in positive directions. More recently I have come to meet and learn about my new fellow associates and let me just say that this is one heck of a team. I’m proud to be a part of it.

As my bio and our recent announcement indicate, I bring both a complementary and unique set of skills to the Sport Law & Strategy Group. I have experience in various levels of sport and have managed a number of different portfolios in both professional and amateur sport. As both a manager and as an athlete I have witnessed the highs and the lows, the podiums and the perils, of a sporting life. My goal is to help your team achieve success both in the office/board room and on the field of play. Here are some areas where I can offer specialized tools, advice and support to your organization:

Event Management: if you are looking to host events, bid on events, or assess your existing events, contact me! I have directed world-class events in a myriad of sports, through their complete life cycles. I have also developed risk management plans and performed event analysis reviews for my clients. Big or small, I can help you develop the tools to take your events to a new level, or potentially run those events for you. This not only includes championship events, but also conferences, workshops, ceremonies and team building activities.

Marketing: I have a proven and successful track record in planning, sponsorship, sales, branding and strategic communications. As a Marketing Director for numerous organizations I have prospected clients, developed successful sales decks and delivered countless pitches to partners. I have also designed branding strategies and materials to help put organizations at the leading edge of their industry. I can help your organization develop a Marketing Plan that leads to new sponsorship opportunities and brand visibility.

Fundraising: I can support your organization in identifying and leveraging new revenue opportunities. This includes unique fundraising initiatives that engage your members and the community. Also, by means of an organizational assessment we can review your existing fundraising activities and look at how they can be enhanced. Contact me today for a review!

Partnerships: in addition to marketing and fundraising partners, I have also achieved success in building creative partnerships that generate new forms of revenue. These include, but are not limited to, facilities, charities, foundations, municipal groups, sport councils and other progressive sport bodies.

Strategic Planning: whether you are looking to establish a new strategic plan or revisit an existing one, I am an experienced strategic planner. I can facilitate strategic consultations, review your plan, or help you build one from scratch.

Policy and Grant Development: if you are looking to enhance your current policies or bylaws, develop new ones, or align your policies with government regulations, I can provide the necessary support that you need. This includes grant applications, reporting, and legacy building.

Management: from organizational structure to volunteers, I can help you build and implement leadership tools as well as deliver professional results to your stakeholders.

As with my colleagues at the Sport Law & Strategy Group, my level of support is not restricted to the above areas and we will do everything within our power to help you achieve success. Our Vision is to help you achieve yours.

Have a question?  Looking to energize your organization with a new initiative?  Contact me at jer@sportlaw.ca. Also, you can follow me on Twitter @sportarchitect


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