Understanding Grief

Our current culture is grief and mourning-phobic, not inviting people to recognize, honour, and express their grief. This translates to the world of sport at all levels where athletes, coaches and administrators are often encouraged to stay strong, be brave, and focus on the future, despite the grief many of them feel after poor performance, not achieving stated goals, or moving through various transitions in their sport career. The result is increased anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and burnout.

This workshop has been designed based on our work with hundreds of sport leaders, coaches and athletes and the growing need to find more holistic and healthy ways to companion people as they suffer losses (identity, failed performance, deaths, transitions). As the current model is to treat loss from a clinical perspective, many are left floundering as they attempt to navigate the wilderness of their grief.  The workshop will provide new language and a heart-centred perspective on loss, grief, and mourning and how it can be applied to the realm of sport.

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