The Sport Leaders Retreat

The Sport Leaders Retreat is a virtual leadership training boot camp that offers coaches, technical directors and CEOs, the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, alongside other sport leaders across 6 leadership sessions.

Leaders will:

  • Increase self-awareness through the NOVA Profile.
  • Identify a leadership topic that you want to explore more intentionally and formalize this through a coaching program, with metaphors to support your transformation
  • Participate in group discussions during our virtual leadership huddles and walk away with practical tips that you can practice in between sessions
  • Work through ‘real life’ situations and strengthen your understanding of the NOVA Profile in diad conversations
  • Learn how to communicate in a manner that respects your preferences and that of others
  • Learn how to cultivate high-trust environments and find creative ways to bring people together
  • Identify and practice approaches to deal with conflict in a healthier and more inclusive manner
  • And so much more … many of the gems will be co-created throughout our time together

The Benefits:

  • Your customized Leadership Topic, personalized metaphors, and a Self-Observation Practice along with a somatic practice
  • A welcome Integration Guide to acclimate you to this leadership experience
  • Relevant readings to support you along the way
  • Focus practices to support your transformation
  • Creative gems: Including music, poetry, the expressive arts, and other ways to support healthy integration of knowledge and shared wisdom
  • A welcome care package that will include the NOVA Profile psychometric test, NOVA  communications card, your dominant colours bracelets, a Leadership Notebook and pen, and Dina’s book Values-in-Action
  • A connected closure Guide to support you as you commit to leading more mindfully and in alignment with your values

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If you are interested in the Sport Leaders Retreat, please connect with Lauren Brett at