Sport Law Launches Sport Leaders Retreat – Virtual Edition!

Published May 18, 2021

Ottawa, May 18, 2021 - Sport Law is responding to the sport community’s need for leadership development training that is customized, sport specific, and supported by leading-edge human development approaches. Since 2017, the SLSG and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) have collaborated to offer the Sport Leaders Retreat, an annual 3-day leadership boot camp that has supported nearly 30 sport leaders in their leadership development. With COVID interrupting our two sessions last year, we have heeded the cry from sport leaders to offer a virtual edition this year.

The Sport Leaders Retreat – Virtual Edition will run from August to November 2021 and will bring all the same teachings that you would have experienced through the Sport Leaders Retreat. This virtual design will enrich your understanding of leadership and allow you to integrate the teachings in a more practical and pace-sensitive manner.

Leaders will:

  • Increase self-awareness through the NOVA Profile.
  • Identify a leadership topic that you want to explore more intentionally and formalize this through a coaching program, with metaphors to support your transformation
  • Participate in group discussions during our virtual leadership huddles and walk away with practical tips that you can practice in between sessions
  • Work through ‘real life’ situations and strengthen your understanding of the NOVA Profile in diad conversations
  • Learn how to communicate in a manner that respects your preferences and that of others
  • Learn how to cultivate high trust environments and to find creative ways to bring people together
  • Identify and practice approaches to deal with conflict in a healthier and more inclusive manner
  • And so much more … many of the gems will be co-created throughout our time together

The Benefits:

  • Your customized Leadership Topic, personalized metaphors, and a Self-Observation Practice along with a somatic practice
  • A welcome Integration Guide to acclimate you to this leadership experience
  • Relevant readings to support you along the way
  • Focus practices to support your transformation
  • Creative gems: Including music, poetry, the expressive arts, and other ways to support healthy integration of knowledge and shared wisdom
  • A welcome care package that will include the NOVA Profile psychometric test, NOVA  communications card, your dominant colours bracelets, a Leadership Notebook and pen, and Dina’s book Values-in-Action
  • A connected closure Guide to support you as you commit to leading more mindfully and in alignment with your values

The Climbing Experience: Leaders will be required to bring an open and curious mind, a compassionate heart, a commitment to learning, and a willingness to support others throughout our journey:

  • Getting ready: In August - A one on one conversation with your guide Dina (90 minutes)
  • Connecting as a group: On September 10 – Learning about high trust relationships, setting the conditions for our experience, understanding your own leadership style (4 hours)
  • Understanding Behaviours and Motivations: On September 17 – A deeper exploration of our behavorial styles and deep-rooted motivations (4 hours)
  • Reaching Base Camp: October 1 – An exploration of our communications preferences and appreciating the distinction between generative tension, unnecessary conflict, and maltreatment (4 hours)
  • Exploring our Surrounding: October 15 – Personality styles and appreciating the strength of the team (4 hours)
  • The return home: October 29 – What I’ve discovered, how I’ve changed, setting my intention for ongoing development and growth; commitment to leading with values (4 hours)
  • Connected closure: In November – A one on one conversation with your guide Dina to integrate learnings and complete the journey (1 hour)

The Investment: The Sport Leaders Retreat – Virtual Edition, is being offered at a discounted rate of $2250 + HST. Dina Bell-Laroche will be your guide … with over 30 years of leadership experience, a vast knowledge of the sport sector, her wisdom as an Integral Master CoachTM, and her knowledge of grief, loss, and human suffering … allows her to create a unique offering that will shape your ‘climb of a lifetime’. You will learn and grow from each others’ contributions, walk away inspired to tackle your leadership challenges through fresh eyes and a renewed sense of possibility, and feel empowered to engage in soul work.

This will be transformative! This is the kind of leadership development that is needed to sustain us during these dark times … a more humanistic approach to life and leadership … a more wholehearted approach to restore us once the pandemic is behind us.

Please confirm your participation by June 15 by email Dina at! The first invoice for $1500 will be issued once we receive your confirmation, with the remaining balance due on September 1, 2021 (alternative arrangements can be made if required).

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