The Sport Law & Strategy Group welcomes two new Associates

Published November 4, 2018

The Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) is pleased to announce that LJ Bartle and Tia Wintre, two experts in the areas of quality assurance, healthy human development, and community sport, have joined our team as Associates. The SLSG team now consists of eight Associates and two Partners who are all dedicated to providing exceptional bilingual sport management services to our clients.

LJ Bartle, who is a former CBC journalist and was most recently the HIGH FIVE National Director with Parks and Recreation Ontario, is highly regarded for leading the HIGH FIVE national quality standard for 10 years and for being instrumental in its expansion beyond recreation and throughout Canada.

Tia Wintre has spent her career in sport and recreation in various roles and most recently served as the HIGH FIVE National Manager with Parks and Recreation Ontario. She was integral to HIGH FIVE’s success and record heights of reaching more than 1 million children annually across Canada.

The SLSG is mindful of our clients’ need to ensure a safe, quality, and values-based experience on the field of play. There is a growing need to ensure there are mechanisms in place for organizations to assess whether the lived experience by athletes of all ages is positive and corresponds to the social and emotional learning requirements outlined in sport organizations’ LTAD frameworks.

“We really have evolved to become a one stop shop for our clients. Having worked with LJ and Tia on a number of projects, I know our clients will appreciate their expertise in quality assurance, media relations, human resources and athlete engagement, all of which are critically important to ensuring a safe sport environment,” shared SLSG partner Steve Indig.

“LJ and Tia bring a shared passion and commitment to ensure that sport is safe, welcoming and inclusive for all participants. I believe they will contribute significantly to our overall mandate of providing exceptional management services to our clients,” shared SLSG Partner and Integral Master Coach(TM) Dina Bell-Laroche.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better fit. The SLSG is motivated to help organizations be the best they can be, and we are happy to contribute to those goals with passion and innovation, specifically in the areas of engaging athletes and quality assurance,” shared LJ.

“It’s the optimal way for LJ and I to continue our journey in sport and recreation.  We are committed to helping organizations embrace the future and benefit from our expertise in leading edge development based on evidence and sound research practices,” Tia added.

To learn more about Tia or LJ you can read their biographies on the SLSG website. For LJ click here. Their first blogpost as SLSG Associates, on the topic of engaging athletes, is available here.

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