Sport Law & Strategy Group Newsletter - October 2015

Published November 18, 2015

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Sport Law & Strategy Group Newsletter

vol 11(2) - October 2015

This edition of our newsletter features news about the new BC Societies Act, updates to important Ontario legislation, recommendations for organizations that are considering an HR review, improving personal development, how to develop a sponsorship package, and more.

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Manage Risk by Managing by Values

In this blogpost, Dina wrote about how organizations can manage their risks by managing by the values of their organization. Dina showed how values can impact the performance of the organization and invited sport leaders to ask questions about risks that can be addressed managing by values. Also, a 2008 Discussion Paper about Management by Values is now posted for organizations or individuals looking to learn more.

Athlete Appeals - How they are managed and the role of the coach

The Sport Law & Strategy Group is often called upon to act as a neutral, third party administrator for athlete appeals. The athlete will file an appeal with the organization and we step in to ensure a fair process for all parties. But are we doing a good job? In this reflective post, Kevin wrote about the standards of quality we use to judge ourselves and how we hold ourselves accountable. Also, in a second post, Kevin described the sometimes-tricky role of the coach in appeals process - to help the athlete directly or to step aside?

Growth vs. Fixed: A Leader's Mindset

What distinguishes a 'Level 5' leader and how can sport administrators create and nourish a successful culture in their organization? In this post, Dina combined recent literate and her own experiences to introduce a series of tips that leaders can use to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

HR Reviews: Challenges and Pitfalls

Sport organizations are increasingly seeing the need to better manage their own human resources. Kathy drew on her recent experience performing an HR review for a National Sport Organization to write this blogpost about the main challenges facing organizations. Kathy added a list of important recommendations for organizations that are considering an HR review.

Developing a Sponsorship Package

In this blogpost, Jason outlined how sport organizations can begin developing their own sponsorship package - by first understanding and describing their properties and then determining an appropriate pricing strategy.

Personal Development - Emotional Development and Workplace Happiness

In two separate blogposts, Dina described the importance of focusing on individual development. Her post on emotionally intelligent leaders showed how improving one's emotional intelligence can lead to both personal and organizational growth. In a second poston workplace happiness, Dina suggested six ways that sport leaders can measure workplace happiness and assess the strength and progress of the organization.

Coaches' Liability

LeeAnn reviewed and highlighted coaches' liability and responsibilities to athletes in this blogpost that is useful reading for anyone who coaches athletes. LeeAnn described the standard of care and listed the four sources that determine the standard of care, and also provided tips for how sport organizations can inform their coaches of their responsibilities.

BC Societies Act

Federal sport organizations have finished transitioning to the NFP Act! Ontario sport organizations recently learned about a new delay for the ONCA and that their new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act won't come into force until at least 2016. How about BC? In this overview blogpost, Kevin identified the changes coming to BC sport organizations when the new Societies Act comes into force. The bill has received royal asset and is expected to come into force in late-2016 - if not earlier!

Legal Compliance Updates

LeeAnn wrote about important legal updates to three pieces of Ontario legislation. Changes to the Employment Standards Act (ESA) for overtime and minimum wage, changes to the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to strengthen measures against sexual harassment, and additional enforcement of the Accessibility for Ontarioans with Disabilities Act (AODA).



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