Sport Law & Strategy Group Newsletter - February 2017

Published February 3, 2017

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Sport Law & Strategy Group Newsletter

vol 13(1) - February 2017

This edition of our newsletter features posts about managing risks, transgender issues in sport, harassment, leadership, the BC Societies Act, the new Sport Recognition Policy in Ontario, and more. We're also presenting our annual 'What to Watch' webinar, at no charge, next week on February 8th.

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Transgender Issues in Sport: An Update

Rachel has been writing about transgender issues in Canadian sport for over a decade. In her newest blogpost on the topic, Rachel extensively described the recent updates, developments, and controversies over the last five years, and addressed the new policy guidance document issued by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and its four broad policy recommendations.

Rachel also presented her personal view of the existing procedures for participation by a transgender athlete and how and why those procedures can be considered discriminatory.

Step-by-Step: How to Eradicate Harassment in your Sport Organization

Last year, we partnered with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) to produce a three-part Harassment in Sport blog series that was published on each organization's website.

As an addendum to that blog series, we recently published our own guide to eradicating harassment, which outlined a nine-step pathway to action for sport organizations of all types and capacities. Starting with 'Begin a Culture Shift', we show you the steps to take and which important resources to access. This blogpost is a worthwhile read for any sport administrator looking for options to consider in the battle against harassment.

Increasing Leadership Opportunities for Women

Research has proven that business companies with more women directors significantly out-perform companies with low female representation. What does this mean for not-for-profit sport organizations? In this blogpost, Dina wrote about the intrinsic qualities of female sport leaders and how organizations can work toward more gender representation in leadership positions.

Good Business: Risk Management, Human Resources, Insurance, and Employee Benefits

In three separate blogposts aimed at improving an organization's operations from a business perspective, Dina gave her thoughts and provides tips to sport leaders on three important areas.

In her blogpost about insurance and employee benefits, Dina revealed that sport leaders consistently raise the issue of 'inadequate insurance coverage' as one of the highest risks to their organization. Dina listed common insurance types and notes 1) possible solutions for organizations looking to review their insurance, and 2) a checklist of questions for organizations to consider about their employee benefits program.

Dina's second blogpost, about proactively handling human resources problems, surfaced five important tips about how organizations can build better relationships with their employees by investing in their well-being and in the organization's culture.

The third blogpost, about managing risks as part of sensible business practice, offered a step-by-step process for organizations to follow that will not only help organizations reduce risks, but also increase the likelihood that they will achieve their desired outcomes.

PSO Risk Management Workshops

In this blogpost, Jason elaborated on the intended outcomes of the PSO Risk Management Workshop, which is a budget-friendly one-day facilitated workshop that includes the identification of risks that challenge your organization, an analysis and assessment of your core risks, and treatment solutions to mitigate those risks. (

BC Societies Act now in force

The new BC Societies Act is now in force! The Act will require all not-for-profit organizations in BC to transition to compliance with the new Act. Kevin wrote about practical guidance for transition and recommended that transition steps start being taken ASAP. We have already assisted nearly a dozen BC organizations and look forward to helping your organization as well. (

GameON: Ontario's Sport Recognition Policy

PSOs in Ontario are likely aware of the requirements of Ontario's new Sport Recognition Policy. In a May blogpost, Steve wrote about the possible effects of the proposed Policy. In a followup September blogpost, we described the vitally important 25-point compliance checklist for PSOs and also researched current compliance statistics for Ontario's 63 PSOs. The second post further outlined a detailed pathway for compliance - making this post a useful read for anyone in Ontario interested in their sport organization's future. (

SLSG Webinar: What to Watch in 2017 (free) - Feb 8th

This hour-long webinar, offered at no charge, will provide sport leaders with important briefings about what they need to know as they navigate the complexities of managing a sport organization. Each member of the SLSG team will overview a specific area that we are watching in 2017, including:

  • Coaching as professional development for sport leaders
  • Cyber risks
  • Financial literacy for staff and Directors
  • Dispute management
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Management of employees and volunteers
  • Internal social media communication

The webinar will be held on February 8th at 12:00pm EST.  You can register directly on our website at this link.

SLSG proudly supported the launch of iS4

The SLSG proudly supported the November launch of iS4, a new company created by former and current Canadian National Soccer team athletes Christine Sinclair, Diana Matheson, Rhian Wilkinson and Karina LeBlanc. IS4 has a mission to empower youth and executives to dream big and strive high.


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