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March 29, 2023 – (Ottawa, ON) Sport Law is proud to share our commitment to becoming Benefit Corporation (B Corp) certified. By striving for B Corp certification, Sport Law is committed to joining an international network of organizations that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

For Sport Law, working towards certification is about leading the way to shift the system using a values-based approach that aspires to solve social and environmental sustainability challenges. It is also a framework to measure Sport Law’s positive impact on the communities in which we live, work, and play. Sport Law is committed to working towards becoming B Corp certified to understand our impact and identify areas for further improvement.

 “We believe in walking the talk with respect to our values. One way to do so is to review our internal processes and approaches to ensure they align with industry-leading practices. Beginning this journey is incredibly important to us as we believe we will be better able to address areas that need improvement and leverage some of our existing strengths. As an added bonus, we’ll be able to share what we learn with our clients,” shared Sport Law Partner, Dina Bell-Laroche. 

B Corp certification is built on the vision to create an inclusive economic system and ensure that business brings benefit to all. B Corp’s high standards are measured by the B Impact Assessment, which evaluates a company’s impact on its employees, customers, community, and environment.

March is B Corp month, where organizations celebrate their commitment to think beyond profit. There are over six thousand certified B Corps around the world, including our friends and partners at Respect Group Inc.. We are celebrating B Corp month by making a public commitment to continue our journey to become B Corp certified.

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About Sport Law

Sport Law has been providing strategic insight to the Canadian sport community since 1992. We offer a full range of consulting, leadership coaching and legal services to the Canadian sport community. We are accessible, affordable, highly skilled, and bring experience and common sense to every project. Our vision is to elevate sport. To learn more about us please visit

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