Sport Law and NOVA Global Committed to Elevating Sport's Inner Game

September 21, 2022 - Sport Law and NOVA Global have been collaborating since 2017 to bring greater clarity and purpose to hundreds of sport leaders, coaches and athletes through the NOVA Profile, a psychometric tool that supports increased self-awareness, greater team synergy, and enhanced communications. Sport Law has been integrating the NOVA Profile into many of its offerings since 2017 including the annual Sport Leaders Retreat, personalized coaching, and cultural transformation projects.

“To amplify our commitment to offering hope-filled and insightful support to the sport sector during National Coaches week, we are excited to announce that our collaborators from NOVA Global have agreed to significantly discount the cost of the NOVA for athletes. NOVA Global and Sport Law believe in the positive power of sport to transform communities and it’s essential for athletes, coaches and administrators to increase self-awareness and have shared language to cultivate a holistic and values-driven experience. We believe this will be a game changer for sport,” shared Dina Bell-Laroche, Partner at Sport Law.

“We’ve been so impressed with how Sport Law has integrated the NOVA Profile into their projects and services. The world needs more humanistic approaches and practices and we are delighted to be offering a discounted rate to athletes who we believe are an important contributors to a vibrant and healthy society. It is our hope that the NOVA is used across all levels of sport so that athletes can learn as much about their inner game as they do about the sport they love,” shared Jasmine Bélanger, CEO of NOVA Global.

Based on positive comments from sport leaders over the years who have integrated the tool within their cultures, Sport Law has made an expressed commitment to increase its capacity to offer the NOVA Profile to as many sport leaders, coaches, and athletes as possible.

“As an Integral CoachTM with Sport Law, I have seen the positive impact the NOVA Profile can have on individuals and teams when we create common language. There is greater empathy, more vulnerability, and a shared commitment that is forged that increases trust and decreases unhealthy conflict,” shared Lauren Brett, Integral Coach and former national team athlete and coach in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

The NOVA Profile can be used in several creative ways including:

  • Cultural renewal projects
  • Management of interpersonal tensions and conflict
  • Leadership and personal growth
  • Team synergies for leaders, coaches, and athletes
  • Strengthened communications across NSO and PTSO
  • Board and staff enhanced relations
  • Holistic hiring and termination practices
  • And so much more

Call to Inspired Action

If you are an athlete who wants to use the NOVA Profile, a sport leader who wants to champion greater awareness among athletes or a coach who believes in creating more equitable and positive environments, please connect with Lauren Brett at to find out how the NOVA Profile can make a positive difference.

Sport Law is continuing to evolve its services and program offers in response to the sport sector’s desire to foster healthier alliances and to work through the current challenges from a place of humility and hope. We are looking for progressive, open-hearted, and visionary leaders who want to collaborate with us in some of our newer training and cultural transformation initiatives. If you are curious about how we might collaborate, please connect with Dina at or 613-294-4118.

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About NOVA Global Inc
NOVA unleashes the unique potential of individuals, teams and organizations through an innovative approach. Because each person, each team and each company is different and constantly evolving, NOVA's tools and trainings are tailor-made to meet the present and future needs of organizations and adapt to the reality of each. All this through impactful, effective and accessible personal and professional development tools.

About Sport Law
Sport Law has been providing strategic insight to the Canadian sport community since 1992. We offer a full range of consulting, Integral CoachingTM and legal services to the Canadian sport community. We are accessible, affordable, highly skilled, and bring experience and common sense to every project. Our vision is to elevate sport. To learn more about us please visit

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