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3 Part Series

April 10, 2024          12:00pm – 1:00pm ET: Board Meetings
April 24, 2024         12:00pm – 1:00pm ET: Member Meetings
May 8, 2024            12:00pm – 1:00pm ET: Minute-Taking

Meetings are the cornerstone of every successful sport organization – they serve as key channels for information, they bring people together, and of course they are where decisions are usually made. Hosting effective meetings is critical to ensuring that your organization accomplishes its key business, stays focused on its strategic objectives, and builds strong relationships within its people.

Yet we often find that meetings are inadequately prepared for or are easily distracted which can lead to wasted time and resources, loss of focus, or even poor decision-making.  When meetings go badly, positive progress is delayed, enthusiasm dwindles, and organizational trust is eroded.

Hosted by Jason Robinson, Certified Parliamentarian and meeting expert for Sport Law, this three-part webinar series will introduce participants to the basic tenets of effective meeting management. The series is recommended for sport leaders at all levels who have limited experience in running meetings or who desire a refresher to ensure that they are meeting a high standard of meeting delivery. The sessions will help you achieve the following:

  • Understand the core principles and functions of Board meetings and how to effectively prepare for, and run, Board meetings
  • Discover how to properly prepare for member meetings (AGM, Special meetings), run member meetings, apply procedures, and deliver fair elections
  • Review the purpose and principles for taking minutes, and learn how to properly take meeting minutes

Each webinar session of the series will run for 1-hour and individuals can register through the the Sport Law website, under Training, then Webinars. Below are descriptions for each of the sessions.

Hosting Effective Board Meetings -  April 10 @12:00pm ET (1-hour)

Board meetings help shape the stewardship and strategic direction of an organization. The formality of these meetings may vary based on the size and temperament of the group. In this session, meeting expert Jason Robinson will walk through the key principles and functions of a Board, how and when to apply varying levels of procedure, and guidelines for directors to help keep the Board on track. Jason will also outline how to process basic motions as well as provide tips for presiding at Board meetings, to contribute towards a more positive and effective team gathering.

Hosting Effective Member Meetings -  April 24 @12:00pm ET (1-hour)

Member meetings are critical to ensuring that your organization addresses the key strategic and business matters of a 21st century sport organization. In the course of conducting these meetings, member have several rights that must be maintained, which includes the right to an efficient meeting.  Organizations are generally required (and advised) to follow a recognized parliamentary procedure and they must also ensure that their meetings are compliant with their Bylaws and other governing documents. In this session, Certified Parliamentarian Jason Robinson will provide insights into how to host effective member meetings which will include how to properly prepare for member meetings, basic principles and rules that must be applied to member meetings, how to apply these rules and parliamentary procedures, and how to run fair elections. Jason will also share tips for navigating different types of meetings (annual vs special) and different formats (in-person versus virtual).

Minute-Taking Must Knows -  May 8 @12:00pm ET (1-hour)

The minutes of your meetings are an important official record of the key decisions that were made and the key actions that were taken on behalf of the organization.  It’s imperative that the minutes are accurate, timely, and capture the essential details, while also remaining succinct and comprehendible. 

In this session, Certified Parliamentarian Jason Robinson will outline the purpose and principles of the minutes, the role of the minute-taker, how to record various motions, and what belongs in the minutes (versus what does not). He will provide participants with a skillset that is often overlooked, but that is vital to effective organizational communication – how to take proper minutes.

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