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October 31, 2023 – (Ottawa, ON) In today's ever evolving sport landscape, safeguarding athletes and promoting a culture of respect are top priorities. Discover the keys to a safer, more inclusive sport environment in Sport Law’s upcoming webinar, titled “From Implementation to Activation – Moving Safe Sport Beyond Policy”.

This free webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, November 29th at 12PM EST on Zoom.

Join us as we explore the art and science of creating robust Safe Sport policies and, more importantly, discuss how to avoid common pitfalls when looking to effectively activate these policies. This webinar offers an overview for sport organizations looking to not only develop policies but also seamlessly integrate them into their daily operations.

This webinar will be hosted by Will Russell, a Sport Lawyer who has been working closely with sport organizations at the national and provincial level to create effective Safe Sport policies for nearly two years now, as well as Kristin Noonan, a Sport Law team member who specializes in Safe Sport policy activation and implementation. Will and Kristin will provide practical insights and best practices that are applicable to sport organizations of all sizes.

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