Join Dina Bell-Laroche for the Leaders' Edge in 2023

As a leader who wants to continue to grow, you may find connecting with others helps your ongoing developmental journey. For those leaders who have completed the NOVA Profile, you already know how insightful the tool can be in helping us gain perspective and expand our awareness. For those that have yet to experience the NOVA, you will come to appreciate the gift of understanding different behavioural preferences, sourcing the wisdom of motivations, and how best to communicate with others. By connecting with others on a similar leadership journey, you will benefit from the wisdom of other leaders. By staying open, you will become more curious and humble. This is what sport needs now more than ever to respond to our increasingly complex environment.

To respond to your evolving needs, Sport Law is launching a nine-session peer-to-peer leadership learning experience that will expand your knowledge of the NOVA Profile, uncover your assumptions, support your desire for deeper connection, and elevate your capacity to lead with purpose.

What’s involved?

  • Nine Monthly Virtual Sessions
    Hosted on Zoom by Sport Law, the monthly virtual sessions will be held from 12PM to 2PM EST on the following dates:
    • January 24, February 21, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 20, September 26, October 24, and November 28
    • Each session will be structured as follows:
      • Connected Check-In
      • NOVA Knowledge Nugget
      • Peer-to-Peer Session
      • Connected Closure
  • Coaching Conversation with Dina
    One 90-minute coaching conversation with Dina to help you set the intention for this leadership experience.
  • Team NOVA Profile
    A team NOVA Profile will be completed for all participants to help us learn and support each other in this experience.

How do I sign up?

Sport leaders need a place where they can learn, connect, and evolve.

If you are interested in joining our 2023 session, please email Dina at no later than January 12, 2023. First come first serve, space is limited.

For those who have not completed their NOVA Profile, you can do so in advance of the session at an extra cost.

The investment for this program is $1,995 + HST.

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