Managing Partnerships: Making Sponsorship a Priority

Sport organizations can struggle not only with acquiring new sponsors– but also with maintaining and prioritizing existing partnerships. After the high fives have been exchanged and commitments have been made, what comes next and how do you manage it all? Executing a new partnership, activating the sponsorship properties, maintaining productive communication, and planning for the future are all critical steps in ensuring your success and reputation as a desirable partner.

This hour-long webinar looked at the impact of sponsor acquisition on sport organizations and how you can effectively manage your new and existing partnerships. The webinar focused on three key streams:

1. Increasing your sponsorship building capacity
2. Ensuring that you deliver on your sponsorship promises
3. Maintaining existing partnerships during busy or difficult times

The webinar was hosted by Jason Robinson, a sponsorship specialist for the Sport Law & Strategy Group and an active Partnership Consultant for several sport organizations. Jason shared strategies and tips for managing sponsors post-acquisition and how to integrate this partnership maintenance into your daily planning.

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