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Values ... Let's Get Personal

Tuesday, May 3 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published May 3, 2011 We have written here before about the role that values can play in helping organizations improve their performance. But I am inspired to blog about a slightly different orientation based on a conversation we had last w ...

Strategic Planning - A Better Way for Sport Leaders

Friday, March 25 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published March 25, 2011 Recently, I have come across a number of interesting articles (both research-based and mainstream) that might be of interest to those leading strategic planning processes within their sport organization. I am intrig ...

Living Your Organization's Values

Thursday, September 9 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published September 9, 2010 Recently, I held a workshop at Skate Canada’s Annual Congress and General Meeting in Toronto and shared my views on how sport organizations can benefit from identifying their values and using them intentionally. ...

Moving from Values Inaction to Values-in-Action: An Exploration of How Values Can be Managed Intentionally by National Sport Organizations (NSOs)

Saturday, June 19 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published June 19, 2010 The study examined the intentional use of NSOs' stated values. Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) was applied to an Appreciative Inquiry approach of interviewing NSO senior leadership. Data were collected from ...

Intentionally Managing Your Organizational Values

Sunday, April 11 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published April 11, 2010 Over the past 18 months, I have been working towards my Master's Degree in the Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management) at Brock University.  I am  pleased to share with you that I successfully defended ...

Linking Sport4Life with Management by Values: How Values Can Improve the Performance of Sport Organizations

Monday, January 11 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published January 11, 2010 A force for good – that is what most not-for-profit sport organizations set out to become. For that very reason, sport often attracts dynamic, passionate and dedicated people who are as driven to succeed as the co ...

Tapping the Performance Potential of Your Organization's Values

Wednesday, November 11 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published November 11, 2009 Organizational values are often described as the glue that connects your mission to your vision. What we know to be true, however, is that in the absence of stated, agreed-to, and lived values, people default to ...

Risk Management Revisited ... or, Values Matter

Sunday, October 12 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published October 12, 2008 We started writing this column 15 years ago. Our inaugural column was titled ‘personal risk management’. Written in 1994, we compared the then-new Coaching Code of Ethics to a survival guide which, if properly und ...

Management by Values

Monday, March 24 by Dina Bell-Laroche
Published March 24, 2008 The time has never been better for sport organizations to consider the important role of values in their mandate and activities, and the contribution that ‘management by values’ can make in their operations. It is o ...
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