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Published June 1, 2021

Ottawa – June 2, 2021 –Getting to simple requires such hard work. After almost a year of soul searching, working with our branding partner Godzspeed, engaging our team members, and updating our website to ensure our vast library of curated content was preserved, we are deeply proud to unveil our new brand. 

We are Sport Law. 

So simple. It’s what our clients have been calling us for years. And even though our consulting services have expanded to include Integral CoachingTM, leadership development, strategic planning, financial management and so much more, we acknowledge that all of our work draws from our 30 years of deep knowledge of the sector and the legal framework that underpins it. From our humble beginnings, we are proud to walk alongside sport leaders as they look to meet the ever-changing demands of our dynamic sector. As we live our mission of supporting sport leaders in achieving clarity and purpose, we do so by bringing the Sport Law Way to each and every conversation. The values of empathy, stewardship, and delivery are at the heart of each client engagement. They reflect our deep commitment to companion sport leaders as they find ways to generate healthy, human sport.  

We know sport. 

During our yearlong exploration, we continually came back to our Big Idea. What is our purpose? The answer was crystalized when we acknowledged that while the law is our foundation and informs all aspects of our work, we also resolve complex issues by supporting our clients in reimagining possibilities and creating clear and simple solutions to complex problems. And we don’t stop there. Sport Law’s Integral CoachesTM are trained in the science and art of human development. We resolve personal mountains by journeying alongside sport leaders to create a generative space for them to mitigate risks, forge stronger relationships, and create flourishing cultures. “The Sport Law Team believes in the transformative power of sport to make a significant contribution to the vitality and well-being of Canadians and Canadian society. Our role as strategic advisors is to provide sage advice, an empathetic sounding board, and practical ways to support transformational change,” shared Sport Law partner Dina Bell-Laroche. 

Our vision is to elevate sport. 

The 14 Team Members at Sport Law are passionate about making a difference in sport. While we all have unique areas of expertise, we have the knowledge and competence to find creative solutions and resolve what sometimes feel like insurmountable obstacles. From financial stewardship to inclusive sport and from policy development to enhancing business practices, the Sport Law Team offers strategic insights that support creative and sustainable solutions. 

“Sport still needs to deal with fundamental legal issues and we are here to do that. Given the complexity of managing a 21st Century social profit business, sport also needs to address new challenges in the areas of planning, communications, governance, research, financial oversight, business strategy, and leadership development. We are the one stop shop for Canadian sport organizations looking for strategic advice from friendly and caring professionals who share their passion for sport,” added Sport Law partner Steve Indig.  

Healthy human sport. 

We invite our clients to check out our new website with the same name at www.sportlaw.ca and look forward to continuing our legacy of providing exceptional, affordable, and customized services to the Canadian sport community.  

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