Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles are 75-minute sessions that are designed to help individuals walk away feeling more resourced, connected to self and others, and inspired to apply a healthy and healing self-care practice. Led by an Integral Coach, these peer-to-peer sessions are helpful, inspiring, and nourishing. Offered to executives, managers, coaches, and athletes, these interactive sessions create a safe haven to recharge depleted batteries, give voice to fears and frustrations, and help you tackle an issue that might be keeping you up at night.

What’s involved:

  • These are ‘drop ins’ so your commitment is to come if and when you feel the need to experience a healing session or to lighten your load
  • Guided process:
    • Check-In
    • Lightening your load: What is something heavy you want to shine a light on?
    • Expressions of gratitude: What I most appreciated about the experience
    • Connected closure

If you are interested in offering one internally to your team or joining a session, please connect with Dina at