NOVA Recruiting

In a virtual environment, hiring the right person can seem daunting. Sport Law is here to help.

The NOVA Profile Job Recruitment Process can be used to support the Hiring Committee in crafting job descriptions that clearly communicate what the role requires and that aligns with the organization’s values. In addition, we help to ensure that the skills and competencies required of the new hire are prioritized so the Hiring Committee can better determine the best fit among candidates.

The process is guided by an Integral Coach who can support the Hiring Committee by providing them with examples of powerful questions to ask of each of the top candidates. Beyond traditional ways of checking references and reviewing resumés, the NOVA Profile Job Recruitment Process provides a refreshing and rigorous way to connect with your candidates. And for organizations that have already integrated the NOVA Profile within their culture, this becomes a great way to ‘onboard’ new people to create faster synergy.