Waivers - A How-To Guide

Waivers of liability are commonplace in sport, fitness and outdoor programs. Most active people have at one time or another signed a waiver. Most organizers of sport programs have at one time or another asked their participants to sign waivers, and insurance brokers frequently recommend or insist that waivers be used. Yet despite being so widespread in sport and recreation, waivers are terribly misunderstood. The purpose of this booklet is to explain the purpose of waivers and show those readers who use waivers how to improve the design, wording and execution of their waiver agreements. The booklet also explains alternatives to waiver agreements such as assumption of risk, informed consent and participant agreements, which in some circumstances may be more appropriate than waivers. Written in plain language and with lots of examples, this booklet will be useful to every sport administrator.

Read more (PDF): Waivers A How-To Guide

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