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Published August 26, 2020

The Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) is pleased to share several updates that reflect our commitment to bringing strategic insight and exceptional services to the Canadian Sport sector since 1992.  We are delighted to announce the arrival of two new members to our team whose knowledge and skills will support the growing need by our clients for equity, diversity and inclusion expertise and for integral sport coaching to support holistic leadership development.

Melissa Knox is a sport lawyer who is passionate about human rights, dispute resolution, employment and good governance. She comes to the SLSG with an impressive resumé that combines her love of sport with her love of the law. She is most excited about focusing on projects related to dispute resolution, employment matters, equity, diversity and inclusion and we believe she will help support the sport sector’s desire to address systemic racism with compassion and skill. “We have been searching for a sport lawyer with Melissa’s expertise for quite some time and we are very excited to be working alongside her to support the growing needs in the sport sector,” shared SLSG Partner, Steve Indig. To read more about Melissa, please view her bio and read her first blog.

Stephanie Potter is a certified Integral Master Coach and is accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as being a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES). We are grateful that she accepted our invitation to join the SLSG to expand our integral sport coaching services, meeting the growing needs of sport leaders who want to lead with greater skill, compassion and authenticity. “Stephanie is a gem. I have witnessed firsthand the impact she can have on groups with her deep listening, caring approach, and profound questions. As we continue to expand the range of our integral sport coaching services, Stephanie joins three other SLSG coaches to help sport leaders scale impact,” shared SLSG Partner, Dina Bell-Laroche. To learn more about Stephanie, please view her bio and we look forward to sharing her blog in the coming weeks.

We also wanted to announce two departures from the SLSG. Tia Wintre has accepted a Camp Director position with Camp Wahanowin. Tia has successfully collaborated with many clients to ensure safe and thriving environments exist for all stakeholders, especially athletes. We have appreciated her work at all levels and are excited for her next chapter in the great outdoors!  The second announcement is that Adam Klevinas has left the SLSG to focus on building his private practice specializing in anti-doping matters.  We have appreciated Adam’s diligence and work ethic and have no doubt that there will be collaborative projects to work on in the future. We wish Adam and Tia much success in their future endeavours.

The Sport Law & Strategy Group has been providing strategic insight to the Canadian sport community since 1992. We offer a full range of consulting, integral sport coaching and legal services to the Canadian sport community. We are accessible, affordable, highly skilled, and bring experience and common sense to every project. To learn more about us please visit www.sportlaw.ca.

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