The Gifts Of Coaching Conversations

Published March 17, 2020

As a caring and values-based company, the SLSG has been working alongside its sport community partners over the past several weeks to minimize risks related to postponing, cancelling or continuing with business activities. We empathize with administrators, volunteers, coaches and athletes who have had to cancel events. We are hopeful that alternative solutions will be revealed for those events that have been postponed. And we are deeply moved by the incredible effort that is being marshaled behind the scenes to consider new ways of doing business during these unprecedented times.

Beyond supporting you with your legal, crisis, and communications needs, the SLSG’s dedicated Integral CoachesTM have also been supporting leaders during this extraordinary world event. What we have noticed is the spike in anxiety that is often caused by the unknown. Anxiety is our natural response to uncertainty, and everyone copes differently. Some of the practices that can support you during these tumultuous times includes eating nutritious foods, committing to daily, physical activity, staying connected with those we love while adhering to social distancing requirements, and practicing mindfulness by taking frequent deep breaths, asking ourselves how we feel about the situation, and noticing how our bodies are responding.

Over the past week, we have been offering one on one coaching conversations to professionals, Board members, coaches, and athletes, to support them through the loss, frustration, anger, and sorrow they have been experiencing as a result of COVID-19. For athletes who have been focusing on their Paralympic and Olympic dreams, the threat of cancellation is weighing heavily on their souls. With one group, we hosted a peer to peer online session that brought athletes and coaches together to speak about their ‘game plan’ as they mapped out how they wanted to work through this extraordinary time. For others, they simply wanted to connect over the loss and grief they were experiencing, especially for those that were planning on retiring after the now cancelled event. We are also supporting smaller teams of people who want to work through the collective sadness they are feeling as a result of this unplanned disruption. If you feel that you would benefit from a coaching conversation to help you sort through some of the anxiety that might be weighing on your soul or simply want to problem solve with the support of an integral coach, we can help. Holding the space for difficult and important conversations is what we do best. If you need support, please reach out to

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