Sport Organizations can access the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Published July 6, 2017

Sport organizations located in Ontario can access thousands of dollars in funding to train and enhance the skills of their employees – and we can help! The Canada-Ontario Job Grant “provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce, with help from the government”[1]. According to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, the grant is available to businesses that want to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees. The Job Grant:

x  Provides up to $10,000 in government support per person for training costs
x  Requires employers to contribute one-third of the total costs. There will be additional flexibility for small businesses to provide an in-kind contribution towards their share of the costs.
x  Requires training to be delivered by an eligible, third-party trainer. [2]

Applying for the Job Grant is an excellent opportunity for sport organizations to train its employees in a wide variety of skills and personal improvements and spend only of a fraction of the cost normally associated with the training.

According to the Ministry, the training must fit into one of the following categories in order to be eligible for the grant:

Career or Development Training: This type of training is designed to upgrade the knowledge, skills, and ability of employees to help them assume greater responsibility in higher positions.

 Maintenance and Refresher Skills Training: This training is offered to update and maintain the specialized subject-matter knowledge of the beneficiaries. Refresher training keeps the specialists, administrators, subject-matter officers, extension supervisors, and frontline workers updated and enables them to add to the knowledge and skills they have already. Maintenance or refresher training usually deals with new information and new methods, as well as review of older materials.

 Essential skills: (such as reading, writing and numeracy) are the skills needed for work, learning and life. They are the foundation for learning all other skills and are used in every job. They help people to find and get a job, as well as to adapt and succeed in the workplace. [3]

SLSG Assistance

The SLSG can help your organization apply for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. We will work with you to identify your training needs, help complete the application, and source eligible, third-party trainers. Depending on the needs of your organization and the employee(s) who require the training, the SLSG may be able to serve as the trainer to provide individual training or a tailored, in-person workshop for your organization.

We have previously worked with one NSO to present a full two-day workshop that trained staff on how better to operationalize their strategic plan. The training was a professional development session and the Canada-Ontario Job Grant offset two-thirds of the total cost. Following the workshop the NSO’s CEO Peter Nicol commented:

It was helpful to have Kathy work with us to create an operational plan that allowed us to focus on a few key priority areas of our strategic plan. The Grant gave us a significant head start in accessing professional expertise that enhanced the workshop and allowed us to more effectively translate our strategies into meaningful activities.”

The SLSG is prepared to develop workshops and training sessions around strategic planning, risk management, human resources, executive coaching, leadership development, social media in the workplace, parliamentarian services, language training, marketing and sponsorship, cultural transformation, as well as other training sessions that meet the needs of your organization.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss how your organization can best make use of this grant opportunity.

Dina Bell-Laroche (

Kathy Hare (


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