Sport Law Now Offering Virtual Grief and Loss Literacy Workshop on December 8th – Spaces Limited!

Published October 5, 2021

November 3, 2021 – Sport Law is excited to launch a new virtual offering to support grief and loss literacy for caring leaders in and outside of sport. The virtual workshop has been designed to create a safe and enriching learning environment for people who want to better understand the impact of unreconciled grief, how to support self and others through life transitions, explore myths related to grief and loss, and increase capacity to more skillfully accompany people who are grieving.

Our current culture is grief and mourning phobic, and does not invite people to recognize, honour, and express their grief. This mindset translates to the world of high-performance sport where athletes, coaches, and administrators are often encouraged to stay strong, be brave, and focus on the future, despite the grief many of them feel after a poor performance, not achieving stated goals, or moving through various transitions in their career. This form of denial can result in unnecessary anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and burn-out. As the current bereavement model treats loss from a clinical perspective, many are left floundering as they attempt to navigate the wilderness of their grief. Too often sport encourages people to be stoic, pushing through the loss to focus on the next win, the next competition, the next goal. By not inviting leaders to acknowledge the pain of their loss, we fail to help them move through their grief in a healthy manner.

Sport Law Partner Dina Bell-Laroche is an Integral Master CoachTM who has been working in sport for 30 years. Her lived experience with grief and loss after the death of her sister, Tracy, has shaped how she has navigated the turbulent waters of grief. Through her ongoing thanatology studies at King’s College and her research into holistic and healthier approaches to reconcile loss, Dina is facilitating learning experiences to expand grief literacy and to inspire a holistic way of grieving. She has facilitated dozens of grief gatherings including Grief Cafés, Grief and Loss Companioning trainings, grief coaching sessions, and has written blogs about the impact of unreconciled grief that you can access at

Here’s what you need to know:

Workshop Date:         December 8th, 2021 from 9 – 5 PM EST on ZOOM

Registration:               Please email Dina at The space is limited!

Cost:                            $500 + HST

What’s included:

  • Grief and loss training from an Integral Master CoachTM
  • A workbook
  • A list of resources to support your ongoing literacy efforts
  • Connecting with others who want to learn about thanatological topics,
  • And a certificate of completion

For more information, please contact Dina Bell-Laroche at 613-591-1246 or 613-294-4118 or

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