SLSG Accesses Simply Voting Platform to Support Sport Organizations in Hosting Online Meetings

Published April 9, 2020

Earlier this week we blogged about the support that SLSG can provide for your meetings, as well as the latest federal and provincial updates on annual meetings. In our blog we shared that SLSG was investigating a potential subscription with the online voting platform Simply Voting, to assist sport organizations in properly conducting elections and voting on meeting motions in an electronic setting. We are pleased to share that we have now access to the Simply Voting platform!

The Simply Voting platform allows you to conduct secure, third-party voting events (motions and elections) in tandem with a virtual meeting. The SLSG version of the platform includes:

  • Up to 250 participants per voting event
  • Voting event dates and times, descriptions, candidate credentials, multiple election winners, voting methodologies, and other flexible voting criteria
  • An email blast function that provides a unique, encrypted authentication credential for each eligible voter, and/or the use of unique passwords to authenticate each voter
  • Immediate result tabulation and posting of results for participants to see
  • Numerous measures to eliminate the risk of electoral fraud or breach of secrecy

Although many sport organizations have postponed their AGM or other member meetings, this new SLSG service provides you with the opportunity to engage your members now, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Furthermore, this technology can also be used for in-person member meetings. Examples include the creation of voting kiosks which allow members to vote in real time (tabulating the results for you), as well as providing a secure voting mechanism for members who are still unable to attend and prefer to avoid a proxy vote. These options enhance security, sophistication and connectivity with your members.

The following options are available for interested sport organizations:

  • Go it alone: Acquire and fully administer the platform yourself: this is likely the most affordable option (subject to Simply Voting rates), although it requires a considerable amount of preparation if you are not familiar with the system as well as someone who is willing to serve as an administrator. An important consideration is that you will not have a neutral third-party scrutineer and your staff/volunteers will be responsible for preparing the voting events, managing the system during the meeting (including any real time amendments) and ensuring procedural compliance.
  • Do it yourself with SLSG admin support: Acquire your own Simply Voting subscription and also gain SLSG support in administering the platform: this may provide your organization with a slightly more affordable entry option to the platform (on a ‘per vote basis’ - subject to rates), and then you can enlist one of our meeting experts to assist with the platform administration as well as the ‘game day’ execution. We are familiar with the platform and are currently supporting sport organizations (who have an existing subscription) in this manner. Our meeting expert will prepare the voting events that you outline for us, manage the voting events during the meeting, and serve as a third-party scrutineer for all voting events.
  • SLSG platform standard support: Utilize the SLSG Simply Voting subscription and acquire SLSG support in administering the platform. Our meeting expert will prepare the voting events that you outline for us, manage the voting events during the meeting, and serve as a third-party scrutineer for all voting events. Note that any additional parliamentary service (i.e. preparing agenda, voting itinerary, meeting scripts, parliamentary counsel) is subject to additional rates with this option, which is simply an administrative
  • SLSG platform advanced support: Utilize the SLSG Simply Voting subscription and acquire the full complement of SLSG parliamentary services. Our meeting expert will not only prepare and administer the voting events on your behalf, but we will work with your organization to prepare an effective electronic meeting and ensure full bylaw and parliamentary compliance. Where required we will assist you in preparing for the meeting (i.e. review of agenda, scripts, election procedures) and provide full parliamentary counsel in the lead-up to, and during the meeting. If required, we will also provide the use of SLSG’s GoToMeeting subscription to facilitate any virtual meeting. We are happy to provide your organization with a cost-effective package for this full-service that will help you meet your legal requirements, save money, engage more members, and ensure compliance.

If you are interested in learning more about the above options and taking advantage of SLSG’s new Simply Voting subscription, please contact us.

Jason Robinson -, Kathy Hare –, Steve Indig -

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