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Planning, Programs and Financial Solutions.

Helping you resolve strategic challenges

We understand how important it is for sport organizations to have clearly developed and thoroughly researched long-term strategies in place. Our team will serve as a trusted confidant and sounding board as we work together to explore your strategic options in order to identify alternative solutions. We partner with you to find the best path forward and support you in developing a concrete plan. Our customized methodology purposefully engages your stakeholders in the entire process, building trust and clarity throughout your organization. We empower you to reconnect with your passion for sport.

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Manuals, workbooks, e-learning courses, posters
  • Staff and volunteer training materials
  • Program sustainability strategies
  • Program development and governance
  • Program review and evaluation
  • Develop and prepare multi-year strategic and operational plans
  • Lead strength-based strategic planning initiatives
  • Consult on change management and organizational restructuring
  • Suggest strategies to inspire organizational culture
  • Conduct research through literature reviews, data collection, and surveys
  • Report on academic literature in specific fields
  • Analyze member and stakeholder opinions and recommend courses of action
  • Customize your Safe Sport Implementation Strategy
  • Use our Reality Check method to validate your organization’s commitment to safe sport
  • Conduct Holistic Tryouts to dive deeper into the emotional motivation that’s driving each athlete
  • Provide athlete engagement that invite athletes to have a voice
  • Create customized online training and/or tutorials to engage your stakeholders
  • Facilitate athlete engagement workshops
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