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Leadership Coaching and Human Relations.

Helping you take your leadership to the next level 

In today’s complex, uncertain, and volatile world, we believe leaders must manage, compete and coach from a place of values in order to live healthy and holistic lives. Too often, leaders can feel isolated, having to make difficult decisions with limited time or support. Our certified leadership coaches are accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and are trained to support individuals and teams in their leadership journey through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, workshops and cultural transformation projects. When people have a clear understanding of the best ways to support, motivate, and engage with their team, sport organizations are better able to create safe, welcoming and thriving environments. We work with national, provincial, territorial and community sport and recreation organizations to create healthy and inclusive cultures for administrators, volunteers, coaches and athletes. 

For those looking to improve or update existing human resource policies, ensure employment standards are being met, audit their culture in alignment with their values, ensure that they are fostering cultures of belonging, address conflict in a healthy manner, and review workplace wellness practices, along with other organizational needs, a conversation with one of our HR specialists will help you feel more confident. 

Are you… 

  • Looking to lead in alignment with your values? 
  • Struggling to meet expectations? 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, frustrated? 
  • Wondering how to relate to people who have different experiences, backgrounds and values? 
  • Longing to communicate more effectively? 
  • Committed to lifelong learning and would like support to develop new leadership skills? 
  • Needing support to address workplace wellness? 
  • Addressing your culture in a holistic manner? 
  • Resolving a conflict? 
  • Tired of feeling overlooked and not respected? 
  • Struggling with a lack of confidence? 
  • Transitioning in your career? 
  • Looking for creative ways to problem-solve challenges or issues? 

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Hiring and recruiting services
  • Analyzing member and stakeholder opinions and recommending courses of action.
  • Creating and facilitating customized EDII webinars/workshops/seminars
  • Designing and facilitating professional development programs for sport leaders on matters related to law, human rights, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Providing advice and guidance on compliance and liability matters pertaining to accessibility, diversity, inclusion, equity, and human rights.
  • Preparing inclusive terms of reference for committees and working groups.
  • Conducting organizational audits of processes and/or programs with the purpose of addressing and promoting equitable, diverse, and inclusive environments.
  • Providing leadership coaching and facilitation services to support customized leadership development, team cohesion, conflict resolution, improved communications, and other areas of growth
  • Hosting multi-month learning programs, such as the Sport Leaders Retreat
  • Developing leadership training material and experiences
  • Facilitating group and team development
  • Offering guidance on employment matters
  • Preparing educational workshops and materials
  • Designing and delivering professional development programs
  • Auditing human resources and employee contracts and salary structures
  • Conducting HR reviews
  • Mitigating conflict and reducing interpersonal tension
  • Acting as the interim ED/CEO
  • And so much more...
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