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Leadership, Integral Coaching and Human Relations.

Helping you resolve leadership challenges

In today’s complex, uncertain, and volatile world, we believe sport leaders must operate from a place of values in order to lead effectively. Too often, leaders can feel isolated, having to make difficult decisions with limited time or counsel. Our Integral Coaches are trained to support you in your developmental journey through one-on-one coaching programs and cultural transformation projects. When leaders have a clear understanding of the best ways to delegate, support, motivate, and engage with their team, sport organizations are able to explore new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Sport Culture Index (powered by innerlogic)
  • Transform your culture by aligning with MBV (Management by Values)
  • Facilitate development of vision, mission, and values statements
  • Provide Integral Coaching® services to support leadership development
  • Use the NOVA Profile to assess individuals, groups, or teams
  • Develop leadership training material and experiences
  • Group and team building
  • Offer guidance on employment matters
  • Prepare educational workshops and materials
  • Design and deliver professional development programs
  • Audit human resources and employee contracts and salary structures
  • Conduct HR reviews
  • Mitigate conflict and reduce interpersonal tension
  • Interim ED/CEO
  • Hiring and recruiting services
  • And so much more...
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