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Governance and Risk Management Solutions.

Helping you reduce risks and resolve governance challenges

We understand how crucial effective governance and management are in creating a thriving sport organization. We help ensure that your organization has clear and transparent governing policies and strategies and is structured for optimal success. We educate staff and board members to ensure role clarity, advise on various structures, and reimagine better ways for sport organizations to fulfill their vision. With increased pressure on sport organizations to adapt to increasing expectations, our team of experts can help ensure your organization is compliant with legal and ethical standards. In addition, we are experts in helping organizations minimize and mitigate risks. By ensuring that your decisions reflect your values, leaders walk away more confident. Governance challenges shouldn’t prevent your sport organization from thriving - we’ll make sure they don’t. 

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Educating volunteers, Boards, staff and membership on the importance of good governance
  • Restructuring your governance model to meet the evolving nature of your organization
  • Serving as a parliamentarian and supporting member meetings
  • Developing inclusive programs to improve board effectiveness, clarify board and staff roles and responsibilities, and improve board-staff relations.
  • Reviewing and preparing key governing documents
  • Ensuring compliance with government sport recognition policies
  • Performing risk management assessments and preparing risk registries
  • Preparing and advising on policies
  • Assisting with transition to compliance with provincial and federal not-for-profit requirements
  • Preparing terms of reference for committees
  • Providing educational materials, board orientation and training
  • Advising on nominations and elections procedures
  • Conducting governance assessments and policy audits
  • Assessing current financial management processes and creating customized systems to enhance efficiency
  • Providing advice on current financial management reporting requirements
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