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Communications, Events and Crisis Management Solutions.

Helping you resolve communications challenges

We understand the importance of effective communications and marketing for sport organizations and their leaders. The ability to truly engage your community is the key to unlocking larger audiences, growing your sport, and ultimately achieving success. Our communications, social media, events and marketing experts will help identify gaps in your strategies and develop data-driven solutions to connect with your audiences more meaningfully using messages that reflect your values and purpose.

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Develop communications strategies
  • Advise on social media strategies
  • Provide communications and media training
  • Facilitate meetings, working groups, and large discussions
  • Audit your events through a risk management lens
  • Project management
  • Event bid book preparations
  • Revenue and marketing solutions
  • Events logistics solutions
  • Help build strategies for creative new partnerships and revenue generation
  • Prepare crisis management plans
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