Resilience + Reach - Global Online Coaching Summit

We are proud that SLSG Partner Dina Bell-Laroche is one of the featured speakers on Resilience + Reach, a Global Online Coaching Summit that runs from Feb 25-29, 2016.

Join Dina and 29 of her fellow Integral Master Coaches™ in tackling a variety of themes and topics around what it takes to dynamically respond to this world we’re in. During the Summit you’ll acquire resources, tools or insights to support you in taking the next leap in your own development and life’s work. You will gain access to Interviews and Panels spanning topics including high performance breakthroughs in winner-takes-all industries to cultivating resilience in the face of chronic illness. Learn from masters who are applying Integral Coaching®, Integral frameworks and are on the leading edge of development in areas of deep and sacred relevance such as parenting, finance, health, spiritual practice, stress and burnout, and raising consciousness itself.

For sport leaders looking to experience something different and powerful, check out the Resilience + Reach website here: Click here to learn more or sign up for free!

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