Hallmarks of Good Governance

Published December 10, 2010

An organization I have worked with for many years recently asked me if I could identify the hallmarks of good governance - the indicators of a sound organization if you will. After spending over 15 years of helping sport organizations to understand and practice good governance, the list of indicators came easily. Here it is:

  • Lean, clear, empowering bylaws
  • A board educated about its role
  • An active and engaged board
  • Policies and practices that encourage the board to plan for its succession
  • Committees that address the key components of the board’s work
  • Terms of reference (for committees) and position descriptions (for individuals)
  • A vision, mission, and a plan
  • Organizational values that are widely communicated and reflected in policies
  • Separation of governance and management roles
  • Positive relationships within the board, and between board and staff

Feel free to reflect on this list and see how your organization shapes up!

Originally published: Centre for Sport and Law Newsletter (2010) Vol. 6(4)

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