CCES Publishes Exploratory Paper on Gender Inclusivity

Published November 6, 2012

In late October 2012 the CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport) released its report, Sport in Transition: Making Sport in Canada More Responsible for Gender Inclusivity. The report documents an exploratory conversation among a select group of experts on how sport in Canada can be more inclusive of gender-diverse athletes. This is an important topic that we have covered extensively in our own writings on this website, and we welcome the conversation. However, the report is long on ethical musings and short on practical guidance. It advocates full inclusivity (any athlete should be able to participate in their chosen gender) but does not address the practical implications of such an approach. In my view, inclusion must be balanced with competitive fairness, and finding that 'sweet spot' in all situations is no easy feat. Full inclusion will work in most cases but not all. Check out this report and engage in the conversation!

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