NOVA Profile

NOVA Profile Background

The NOVA Profile is a comprehensive psychometric self-awareness tool that provides information about behaviours, skills, different psychological characteristics, and personal motivations. The tool helps an individual awaken to their ‘natural style’ – the unconscious and preferred style – and their ‘adapted style’ – the style that people tend to show as they react to their environment.

Understanding these two styles allows a person to ‘see themselves’ as they are and appreciate their strengths and limitations in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

How does the NOVA Profile work?

The process is a simple one. Sport leaders take a 15-20 minute survey and their responses are tabulated through the Swiss NOVA software.

A certified NOVA consultant from Sport Law will debrief your NOVA Profile with you in 90-minute customized sessions. We have done over 400 assessments since 2017 and sport leaders are appreciating the impact that having a common language can have on their teams, on their leadership skills, and on the effectiveness of their communications. Our Integral Coaches apply additional humanistic approaches which enhance the overall experience for the clients.

If you are interested in completing your NOVA Profile, please connect with Dina Bell-Laroche at