Episode 10 - Finding the right Directors for your sport organization

Episode 10 - Finding the right Directors for your sport organization

Welcome to Sportopia, the place to re-imagine the future of sport! This week’s episode kicks off a conversation about how to find the right Directors for your Board and the implications of being a Director. For this episode, we welcome Mike Bruni, KC, Barrister and Solicitor, as well as the recent Nominations Committee Chair for Hockey Canada. Hosted by Dina Bell-Laroche and Steve Indig, partners of Sport Law, alongside Mike, this podcast explores considerations for sport organizations in seeking new members for their Board of Directors, the nomination process, and what it means to be a Director in sport today.

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Hosts: Dina Bell-Laroche, Steve Indig, and Mike Bruni
Producer: Taylor Matthews 

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About Mike Bruni KC, Barrister and Solicitor
Mike is a lawyer for over 44 years currently with the firm Bruni Law in Calgary. Prior to this was General Counsel and Board Member for the Alberta Utility and Energy Regulator which included heading up realignment and governance initiatives. Parallel to his professional career, Mike has contributed 35 plus years as a volunteer with numerous not-for-profit organizations including many sport organizations. Some of which included Chair of Hockey Canada, President of Hockey Alberta, COC and IIHF NSO Representative, member of the IIHF Disciplinary Committee and numerous other committees including several nominating committees most recently the chair of Hockey Canada Nominating Committee. He served two 3 years terms as a board member on the SDRCC. Mike continues to act as an advisor on governance matters as a volunteer and as an advocate for cultural evolution toward respect, safety, and fun in all activities both in sport and professionally and has headed many initiatives locally, provincially and nationally in that regard.