A Way Forward Webinar Series: Social Media Policies

How to Effectively Develop and Apply Social Media Policies

Social media use is abundant today, especially as COVID restrictions have moved much of our personal and professional lives online. Many sport organizations have found increased visibility and other benefits from a strong online presence; however, missteps in communication using online platforms by employees, board members, coaches, and athletes can have significant negative implications for everyone involved.

Issues may arise through improper content posted through official branded channels or on the personal accounts of any individuals associated with a sport organization.

Join Will Russell, Sport Lawyer, for this one-hour webinar that will expand on his most recent blog and dive deeper into how sport organizations can effectively develop and apply social media policies to help manage and mitigate risk.

Webinar objectives:

  • Address important considerations in developing or revising social policies
  • Assess the application of social media policies in sport
  • Discuss potential issues and complexities when pursuing violations of social media policies

For more information on the webinar, please contact Taylor Matthews at tmatthews@sportlaw.ca

Please note the registration fee for this event is $40 + HST.