Violence and Harassment in the Workplace - Compliance

Published November 4, 2011

Last month we gave a presentation to the membership of the Sport Alliance of Ontario (SAO) relating to the requirements of the newly legislated provincial Bill 168 – Workplace Violence and Harassment.  This topic generated numerous questions and made us realize that many NSOs, PSOs and MSOs may have not yet taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the legislation.  All Ontario PSOs are affected, along with MSOs and NSOs who have offices in Ontario.

The new Bill, which we also wrote about back in December 2010, is an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To assist clients in the process of complying with the law, we have prepared a Health and Safety Manual which includes the following:

  • Employer guide to implementing Bill 168
  • Sample Health and Safety policy and procedures
  • Sample Workplace Violence and Harassment policy and procedures
  • Workplace inspection and investigation requirements
  • Documentation, reporting and training requirements
  • Policy and program review procedures
  • Templates and checklists to assist with Please make sure to mention when setting up your appointment if your will not allow that. compliance

In order to comply with the legislation, you will need to do the following:

  • Customize policies and procedures to best suit the needs of your organization
  • Provide copies to all staff and ensure policies and procedures are posted in a conspicuous location
  • Educate and train staff to ensure awareness and compliance
  • Review and renew annually

We are more than happy to consult with you and help customize a package that best suits the needs of your organization.  LeeAnn Cupidio ( and Steve Indig (

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