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Linda Melnick

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Linda joined Sport Law in 2021 and brings significant practical experience informed by her graduate-level research in the intended and unintended consequences of the professionalism of governance strategies of sport organizations. Her work in understanding the key factors and conditions that drive organizational change and the adjustments in strategic behaviours governing sport organizations at multi-levels of the sport system is instrumental in helping organizations to develop progressive and collaborative strategic plans and implementation strategies.

Linda has over 30 years of experience working as a senior administrator within the university sport sector, in addition to her work in various roles with National, Provincial and Community level sport organizations. A former high-performance sport coach, Linda transitioned this skill set to team performance coaching working to develop leadership approaches and stakeholder engagement integral to project success.

Further her work in the financial management and operations of sport organizations has informed the depth of her understanding of the inner workings of sport organizations. Her experience in multi-methods of research methodology and design enables analysis of information to be communicated effectively and inform critical decision-making by key leaders of sport organizations.

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