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Ben Granic

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Ben Granic has been a passionate sports fan since childhood, growing up playing high-level competitive soccer. His love for sports extends beyond the soccer field, encompassing a variety of sports, including MMA and Esports. This enthusiasm for sports has not only been a significant part of his life but has also shaped his professional aspirations and personal beliefs.

Ben's belief in the importance of sports for personal health and social development has driven him to engage in various sports-related activities. He enjoyed working as a skills coach for many summers, a role that allowed him to share his passion and help others develop a love for sports. This experience fueled his dedication to fostering a positive sports environment where individuals can learn valuable life skills and build lasting relationships.

Academically, Ben graduated from the University of Southampton Law School in the United Kingdom with an LLB. His passion for sports influenced his academic journey, leading him to write his dissertation on EU Competition Law Articles and their application to FIFA's reform proposals regarding player agent fees. This intersection of law and sports continued to guide his career path.

Recently, Ben completed a Sport Management degree at Brock University, where he interned with Sport Law, gaining valuable insights and experience in the field of sports law and management. During his internship, he worked on several key projects that deepened his understanding of the legal and managerial aspects of the sports industry.

He is currently in the process of writing and studying for equivalency exams to become qualified to practice law in Canada in order to combine his legal knowledge and passion for sports to make a meaningful impact in the field.

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