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Alfredo Munoz

Alfredo Munoz brings a rich history as a competitive athlete, coach, NSO board member and police officer, to his new career as a lawyer with Sport Law.  Thirty years ago, while competing as an international judo athlete, Alfredo completed a B.Sc. in physical education at the University of Montréal.  He went on to become a Judo coach and has helped many athletes with the dream of achieving medal-winning performances at the provincial, national, and international level. 

Through a series of surprises and wonderful adventures, Alfredo became a Police officer, a police investigator in narcotics and organized crime, a private investigator, and a businessman with extensive journalistic media experience.

Through the course of his career, Alfredo fell in love with the law. He completed a certificate in law, then the License in Civil Law at the University of Ottawa, the Juris Doctor at the University of Montreal and soon to be, the master's degree in Comparative Law at the University of Montreal. He did this while working as a consultant for lawyers and law firms and being a Judo Canada Board Member. 

Sport law represents the opportunity for Alfredo to share his extensive experience and multidisciplinary knowledge with Sport Law clients.  With his experience, Alfredo will begin focusing on litigation, case management, carrying out independent investigations, sound governance, and advising and assisting in a crisis.

When not assisting client, you can find Alfredo reading case law, playing outside with his children, or on a tatami with young and old athletes, fighting, giving a technical class, or perhaps discussing the principles of “Seiryoku Zenyo - Jita Kyoei. "

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