Sport Law & Strategy Group Shares Helpful Tips During COVID-19 – Update 18

Published March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021 The SLSG believes in bringing members of the sport community together through our monthly “Conversation Matters: You Ask, We Sharespending an hour with sport leaders from across the country sharing information and responding to questions on governance, employment, insurance, leadership, financial management, grief management, equity, diversity and inclusion and other matters including managing through COVID-19. Our next one will be on April 21, 2021, from noon to 1 PM EST that you can register to join for free here:  


Here’s what SLSG Partners Steve Indig and Dina Bell-Laroche had to share: 


  • As we look to increase our efforts to ensure Board of Directors are increasing their effectiveness, we offer the following practical wisdom: 
  • Smaller boards are the trend with 7-9 being the ideal number 
  • Consider moving towards having more independent Boards  
  • Ensure you broaden your definition of diversity to include a representation of your entire membership. Truly diverse Boards will consider skill set, experience, gender, geography, people of colour, indigenous people, gender expression, language, and other Board experience. 
  • Ensure a robust Nominations Process 
  • The move to have a Good Governance Code is underway by sector leaders … in what ways can you ensure your Board of Directors is leading the way in adopting high standards? 
  • As you get ready to return to sport, what are you doing to ensure that your sport leaders are ready and fully equipped to manage the accumulative losses and anxiety from the pandemic. Ensuring that your staff, volunteers, coaches, and athletes have been able to ease back into the stresses of a high-performance experience will be important. 
  • We are also seeing more people wanting to talk about grief and loss from a place of compassion, skill, and literacy. Our Integral Coaches are trained in bereavement and grief and loss so please reach out if you’d like to learn more about our work in this area. 
  • The NOVA Profile is a psychometric tool that is being used among a growing number of NSOs to create thriving cultures, and among coaches to widen their skills in communicating and leading with purpose.  
  • Finally, if you are looking to expand your leadership skills, please connect with Dina as she is launching a Virtual Sport Leaders Retreat beginning in August to meet the high demands of customized leadership development opportunities for sport leaders. 


To access our recording, please visit here.


Our high hopes for the sector are to re-imagine new ways to deal with the stuff that might be keeping you up at night and in so doing, feel less alone as a result. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s that we need each other more than ever to work through some of the complexities of leading, living, competing, and volunteering in the 21st Century.  


The Sport Law & Strategy Group has been providing strategic insight to the Canadian sport community since 1992. We offer a full range of management consulting, leadership development, and legal services to the Canadian sport community. We are accessible, affordable, highly skilled, and we bring experience and common sense to every project.  


Our mission is to help you achieve yours.  


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