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Sport Safety and Culture Initiatives.

Helping you foster cultures of belonging

We believe it is vitally important for sport organizations to intentionally create diverse and inclusive spaces where everyone feels safe and welcomed. Sport leaders must commit to achieving higher levels of representation across marginalized and racialized groups. Ensuring that everyone feels valued, means that leaders will need to find creative ways to ask about each participants lived experience. We know that when people feel like they belong, trust each other, and feel safe, they will perform. Coaches, athletes, volunteers and leaders have the right to psychologically safe spaces that promote wellness in the workplace. We want people to thrive in sport because of the system, not in spite of it.   

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Facilitating educational workshops and materials
  • Hosting team building workshops
  • Suggesting strategies to inspire organizational culture
  • Advising on methods to engage staff, ensure alignment with values, and provide recommendations on cultural improvements
  • Conducting values audits
  • Reviewing your culture using the Sport Culture Index (powered by innerlogic)
  • Transforming your culture by aligning with Management by Values
  • Using the NOVA Profile to assess individuals, groups, or teams
  • Integrating our Reality Check method to ensure that equity, diversity, inclusion, and indigeneity (EDII) are being properly prioritized.
  • Integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion in bylaws, policies, and procedures across your culture.
  • Reviewing external communications and marketing materials to ensure your EDII strategy is reinforced and aligns with your organization’s values and goals.
  • Customizing your Safe Sport Implementation Strategy
  • Using our Reality Check method to validate your organization’s commitment to safe sport
  • Conducting Holistic Tryouts to dive deeper into the emotional motivation that’s driving each athlete
  • Providing athlete engagement that invites athletes to have a voice
  • Facilitating athlete engagement workshops
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