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Friday, December 10
The Most Recent Buzz About Police Records Checks

Published December 10, 2010

[NOTE: An updated post on Criminal Records Checks was published in January 2016]

In many service sectors, some form of police record check is now common. Obtaining police record checks for volunteers is part of an organization’s due diligence and part of their standard of care to ensure that risks within the organization are reasonably managed.…

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Monday, July 5
Sport Organizations and the New Occupational Health and Safety Act

Published July 5, 2010

On June 15th 2010, an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act was signed into Ontario law which focuses on workplace harassment and violence. The new changes are important for all workplaces, including sport organizations. It is also notable that the vast majority of National Sport Organizations are incorporated under Ontario law, and have offices in Ontario, and are thus affected by this new law.…

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Saturday, December 11
The Future is Bright - LGBT Sport

Published December 11, 2004

When I began to work for the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association, I had no idea what to expect. As a seasoned professional from the mainstream sports world, I anticipated the usual challenges that come with the task of building sport.…

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Saturday, August 10
Violence in Sport: Policy Considerations for the Amateur Sport Organization

Published August 10, 2002

Reports of violent sport incidents are becoming startlingly frequent. In 1996, members of the University of Moncton hockey team (including players and an assistant coach) attacked the official over what they perceived to be a controversial goal at the end of the game.…

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Monday, February 11
Doing Something About Bad Coaches

Published February 11, 2002

For over a decade part of our business has been helping sport organizations, coaches and athletes resolve their differences. In an average week we receive one or two telephone inquiries seeking advice on how to deal with situations of perceived coach misconduct.…

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Saturday, July 29
Waivers - A How-To Guide

Published July 29, 2000

Waivers of liability are commonplace in sport, fitness and outdoor programs. Most active people have at one time or another signed a waiver. Most organizers of sport programs have at one time or another asked their participants to sign waivers, and insurance brokers frequently recommend or insist that waivers be used.…

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