Ontario NFP Act to Come Into Force

Published September 27, 2012

[Edit September 2013 - there have been new changes to the proclamation date since this post was written]

Two days after we wrote about whether there were problems with the Ontario Not-for-Profits Corporations Act (ONCA), we received a memo from the Ministry of Consumer Services informing us that the proclamation date for the ONCA has been extended from January 2013 to July 2013.

We noted a similar memo directly from the Minister posted on the Ontario Notprofit Network’s website.

Notably, the memos do not mention whether the ONCA will be revised in any form before it is implemented. Instead, the Ministry has pledged to produce resources by Fall 2012 that will help organizations make a smoother transition. These tools include a plain-language guide to the new legislation, a transition checklist, and draft default bylaws.

The extended date for implementation of the ONCA means that sport organizations will have more time to act on the ONCA's new requirements, seek advice, and become more comfortable with changes to their governance.

We look forward to working with sport organizations in Ontario and discussing the ONCA and its requirements. Please feel free to contact us (Steve Indig sji@sportlaw.ca & LeeAnn Cupidio llc@sportlaw.ca) for advice or assistance.

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