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August 31, 2023 – The Canadian sport system continues to evolve its practices to ensure that athletes, coaches, volunteers, and administrators have the knowledge they need to lead, manage, coach, and compete in a manner that meets legal requirements and ethical imperatives. We seek to support sport leaders who want to ensure that they are managing by values, mitigating risks, fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities and ensure their legal obligations are met. To do so, Sport Law continues to support sport organizations in their cultural transformation projects including leadership coaching, safe sport implementation support, leading assessment like the Sport Culture Index, repairing fractured relationships through designed alliances, enhancing team collaboration through the NOVA Profile, and so much more. To learn more about our vision for Sport 2.0, towards a thriving sport culture, please see our latest blog.

To fulfill our ongoing commitment to provide exceptional legal and leadership support to sport organizations, Sport Law is thrilled to announce that we have expanded our team to include Kristin Noonan, a long-time sport leader who specializes in creating thriving cultures and supporting the implementation of safe sport strategies, policies, and commitments. Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge to the sport system as a teacher, advocate for safe sport, and learning facilitator. We are so pleased that Kristin will be able to work alongside Sport Law’s team members to contribute to our clients’ safe sport and cultural needs. Read Kristin’s first blog to learn more about her journey through the sport system, inspiring her to be a leader in creating quality sport environments.

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