Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and this year's theme is Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day. Black History Month (BHM) first began in the U.S. as a week-long celebration in February 1926 and later evolved into a month-long official celebration, first in Toronto in 1979 and then eventually nationwide in 1995.

At Sport Law, we are asking ourselves how we can continue to remove barriers, ensure leadership opportunities, and celebrate black history not just in February - but every month. How can you do the same?

Here are a list of Sport Law blogs relating to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in sport to help you on your journey to Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day!

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

For the Canadian sport community, now is an opportune time for reflection, and personal and collective growth.  What has this year taught us so far? What can we learn from each other?  How are our athletes feeling?  How are our parents, coaches, and employees feeling?  What can and should we do to move the needle forward on matters of diversity and inclusion in the Canadian sport system? And why is it important to do so? I believe organizations need to take on the responsibility of addressing and eliminating all forms of discrimination.  All of us in the sports community must engage in conversations around equity, diversity, and inclusion. Read more.

Written by Melissa Knox.

Beyond Cultural Competence

Over the past several decades societies have endeavoured, some more than others, to challenge and address injustices including racism, inequity, and exclusionary practices, primarily through legal action and awareness-raising activities. The idea of ‘cultural competence’ enhances this work because it takes conscious action to the next level. Read more.

Written by Dina Bell-Laroche

Black History Month 2021: "The Future is Now"

I need to make my own t-shirt that reads, “Black History Is Every Month.”  February, the shortest month of the year. Just when you start to gain momentum, the month is already almost over! This year’s BHM theme is "The Future is Now".  In the sport world, what can we do together to ensure we are removing those invisible barriers that still prevent so many from accessing sport? What type of mechanisms are we putting in place to ensure our Black athletes, coaches, officials, parents – everyone – have the opportunity to lead, thrive, and help take sport to the next level? Read more.

Written by Melissa Knox.

Start with Heart

In preparing for an upcoming project that focuses on leadership, current safe sport practices, and management by values, I read Scaling Leadership by R. Anderson and W. Adams. The authors have spent their life’s work developing tools that are scientifically validated and that support a more humanistic approach to managing people. As you look to return to sport in a holistic manner, manage conflict more intentionally, challenge your assumptions, expand your leadership horizons, or consider systemic imperatives, consider starting with heart. Read more.

Written by Dina Bell-Laroche

For more information on how Sport Law can help your organization develop and implement inclusive solutions to "Celebrate Black History Today and Every Day", click here.

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