SLSG Conversation Matters: You Ask, We Share! April 9, 2020

Leading from the Basement – Taking care of yourself and your team during COVID-19

With very little notice, COVID-19 has forced sport leaders from the executive office to their kitchen tables. Many are struggling to cope with this new reality. As leaders, we have had to learn new skills to work remotely, while trying to stay connected with teams through digital platforms, managing children and their new ‘at home’ learning routines, and struggling to deal with the grief that is setting in for athletes and coaches whose Paralympic and Olympic dreams have been postponed. People cope differently and it’s important to know what the needs are and those you care about. Join Integral CoachesTM Lauren Brett and Dina Bell-Laroche for an uplifting webinar on healthy and healing ways to survive and thrive during this time of uncertainty.

We’ll talk about: 

  • Strategies and pitfalls on working remotely
  • How to maintain momentum despite not being together
  • Understanding different coping styles
  • Self-care tips to nourish your body, mind, and soul


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