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Addressing Policy and Competitive Integrity in Esports: A case study on Apex Legends

Thursday, June 27 by Donald Jackson
Written by Donny Jackson In our last blog post, we made comparisons between “real life” sporting events and Esports events and highlighted the importance of maintaining competitive integrity. Competitive integrity is a significant part of a ...

The Olympic Esports Series: Esports have come a long way, but there's much further to go

Thursday, August 24 by Donald Jackson
Published on August 24, 2023 On March 1, 2023, the International Olympic Committee announced that there would be an “Olympic Esport Series” games lineup. Yes, you read that right: Olympic Esports. And, what’s more, the qualifying rounds for ...

Off Duty Conduct and Safe Sport: What is the scope of your Code of Conduct?

Thursday, May 4 by Donald Jackson
Published on May 4, 2023. What is the line between off-duty activities that are captured by your conduct policies - and subject to your complaint process - and behaviours away from the sport environment that fall outside the scope of these ...